Fun Pizza Topping Ideas To Celebrate The Football Season

Posted on: 15 September 2020

When the football season begins, people love to celebrate with parties, cook-outs, and game-watching celebrations. As you plan your next football gathering, one of the easiest food options is pizza delivery. Pizza is easy for people to eat and you can select from a wide range of toppings.

The next time you order pizza, consider toppings with a football theme in mind.

The Pig Skin

The nickname for a leather football is a pigskin, and you can order pizza delivery with this theme in mind. A Pig Skin pizza would include three meats, all associated with the pig. Enjoy a blend of flavors which includes ham, sausage, and bacon.

Depending on your preference, you can mix or match the different ingredients. For example, if you only like sausage, then you could ask for double the topping to represent the pizza theme.


The culmination of the football season includes the big game where the winning NFC team takes on the winning AFC team from the playoffs. Celebrate the two conferences with a pizza featuring half blue cheese and the other half red pepper. The blue cheese represents the NFC while the red peppers represent the AFC.

The meatless option gives people a variety of eating options, but you could also replace the red peppers with pepperoni if you are seeking out a pizza with meat on top.

The Blitz

In the game of football, a blitz sends an extra group of players rushing towards the quarterback. You can represent the play on a pizza by including a plethora of toppings. Load up a pizza with meats and vegetables to create a flavor explosion.

You could also consider adding some extra cheese on top of the pizza to increase the thickness and to help hold all the toppings on. Pizza menus will often list all the available toppings so you can go through each one and choose all the toppings you like.

The Handoff

A key element in the running game of football is the hand-off. Well, you can hand off some slices of pizza you can easily grip and dip. When you order a pizza, ask for the pizza to be double sliced. You will get much thinner slices that are easier to grip and handle.

Order some dipping sauces to go along with the thinner slices. Sauce options include ranch dressing, hot sauce, and barbecue sauce among others.

Use these ideas and brainstorm with other football fans to come up with new ideas of your own. You could start a whole new tradition to celebrate each week in the football season with different pizza deliveries, snacks, or desserts.


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