Tips For Organizing A Happy Hour Gathering For Your Workers

Posted on: 15 October 2017

Organizing a happy hour gathering for your workers can be an excellent way of building camaraderie among your workers while also giving them a chance to create informal relationships among each other that can help your business to function more efficiently. In order to help ensure that your company's happy hour gathering is as enjoyable, productive and safe as possible for those choosing to attend it.

Have A Rotating Calendar Of Venues

It is a reality that the members of your staff will likely have different preferences when it comes to the restaurants and pubs that they enjoy visiting. To help encourage attendance to these events, you should allow your workers to provide input into where the happy hour gathering will be held. When considering the various suggestions and options that will be open to you, it may be wise to review the happy hour specials for these places so that you can choose a location that will provide the best surroundings and food while also helping you to keep the bill as low as possible.

Set A Menu For Those Attending The Event

Helping those attending manage the amount that they are drinking can be necessary for helping to avoid embarrassing or potentially dangerous situations from arising. One way to help individuals better manage their alcohol will be to ensure that there is plenty of food available for them to eat. While this will not completely negate the effects of the alcohol, it can greatly slow the rate of alcohol absorption, and this will help individuals to avoid accidentally drinking more than they intended. Another step for helping individuals manage their alcohol will be to have glasses of water for every person attending as this will allow them to drink something other than alcohol during the event.

Use Ride Share Or Taxi Services To Keep Your Employees Safe

It is likely that those attending the gathering will take great care to avoid drinking too much during this event. However, it is a reality that some individuals may find that they have had too much to drink to safely drive their vehicle. Sadly, some people may feel pressured to attempt to drive as they may not want to pay for a taxi or ride share service. By arranging for these services to be available to those attending the event free-of-charge, you can help keep your workers safe when they are on their way home from the happy hour gathering, and this can be more than worth the minor expense this may entail.


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