Not Your Average Pizza: Variations On The Regular Slice

Posted on: 27 February 2018

There is probably nothing more classic than the large Neapolitan style pizza pie. It's the standard order at most pizza shops around the country. Oftentimes it's spiced up with pepperoni or another topping; however, it is not the only option when it comes to ordering dinner from your local pizza shop. There are many other fun and exciting options to try. The list below is going to cover some of the fun variations on the regular Neapolitan pizza and give you a brief overview of what to expect.

The Sicilian

Unlike the thin crust pizzas that are the standard order for most people, the Sicilian pizza has a thick crust. It gets its name from the area of Italy where the pie originates. Unlike the Neapolitan style, which has a thin crust, the pizza that is popular in southern Italy, particularly in Sicily, is much thicker. The classic version from Italy is baked in large rectangle pans. The dough is similar to focaccia and the toppings often times won't include cheese, but will be either a red sauce or a mixture of herbs and spices, sometimes even including anchovies. The American version is much different when it comes to topping. The same thick dough is used; however, the topping will be much more similar to regular pies in that it's predominantly mozzarella and tomato sauce.

The Grandma

The grandma pie is a spin on the Sicilian. While some people assume it's the same, it does have subtle variations. The primary one is that, unlike the crust on a Sicilian that is allowed to rise and get large and fluffy, the crust on a grandma pizza is not left to rise for too long. The idea is that homestyle pizzas, the type that grandmas would make, were made fast and thus the crust wouldn't have the same big and fluffy dough. The grandma, therefore, is perfect for people who don't like the idea of really fluffy dough. The other cool aspect is that the topping is going to be a bit different than your regular pizza, with the cheese on first, and then uncooked tomato sauce placed on top. It's a very "homestyle" pizza.

White Pizza

A white pizza is another very cool alternative. The pizza is made without any tomato sauce at all. Instead, the pizza is covered in two types of cheeses. In addition to mozzarella, ricotta is used. The ricotta is added in dollops across the pizza. It's a very rich pizza, and a great alternative to those who are not big fans of tomato sauce.


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