Air These Sporting Events At Your Italian Restaurant To Offer Diners A Fun Atmosphere

Posted on: 30 May 2018

If you operate an Italian restaurant and you're looking for a fun way to augment the atmosphere at certain times of the day, one idea to pursue is getting a large screen and a video projector and airing sporting events. Of course, you might not want to do so during the dinner service, but one of the big benefits of focusing on Italian events is that because they're several time zones away, they often take place during the daytime in North America. This means that you can have patrons visit you for food and to enjoy the game, and then clear out by the time your dinner service arrives. Here are some suggestions of sporting events to air.


If you find that many of your patrons are of Italian descent, you can't go wrong with airing soccer matches. An obvious choice is to show the games of the World Cup, especially when the Italian national team is playing. Doing so can make your restaurant a fun and boisterous environment for people cheering the team on to victory. Given that the World Cup isn't an annual event, you may wish to show professional soccer games — perhaps concentrating on games between teams of the Serie A, Italy's top soccer league.

Motor Racing

Formula 1 motor racing is extremely popular in European nations such as Italy, and thus popular among those with Italian backgrounds who live in North America. Many Italian fans especially focus on the Ferrari Formula 1 team. While you can certainly plan to air each of the races on the Formula 1 calendar, an event to circle is the Italian Grand Prix, which takes place each season. This is the type of event that should draw a considerable crowd to your restaurant.


Many North Americans enjoy watching tennis on TV, so you may find a decent response should you announce that you'll be airing the major tennis tournaments on the big screen in your Italian restaurant. One event on which you should particularly focus is the Italian Open. This tournament takes place annually, and you may find that you get a lot of patrons who are eager to enjoy your Italian cuisine while they watch the world's best professional tennis stars battle it out in Italy. You may have some other sporting events that you feel are worthwhile to air in Italian restaurants, but focusing on these with a connection to Italy can especially be a good marketing idea for your restaurant.


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