Having A Barbecued Rib Event? Ensure That These Things Are Available

Posted on: 22 November 2019

When you hire a catering service that specializes in barbecue, one option is to have it prepare a variety of barbecue fare to give your guests a good overview of this type of cuisine. Another way to proceed is to focus exclusively on one cut of meat — for example, ribs. Most people enjoy eating ribs, and you can make sure that those you invite to your catered event will be excited about the menu that you're offering. Work closely with your catering service to decide what foods will be available to your guests. Here are some things that you'll want to make available.

Pork And Beef

A lot of people think about pork ribs when they imaging eating ribs, and for good reason — pork ribs are highly popular and very delicious. However, they're not the only type of rib that you'll want to feature on the menu. Make sure that your caterer can provide pork ribs and beef ribs. These two types of meat are very different and can augment the dining experience for your guests. Whereas hungry attendees might get a full rack of pork ribs, it's more common to eat just one or two beef ribs. They're much larger than their counterparts from the pig and offer a completely different taste.

Sauce Station

It's rare to enjoy a pork or beef rib without some type of barbecue sauce, and while your caterer will brush sauce on the ribs while they cook, many of your guests will want to add extra sauce before they take a bite. For this season, it can be fun to set up a sauce station at your catered event. The caterer can provide several different types of sauce — and you might want to buy some yourself if you have certain favorites. You can then place all of these sauces, along with a bunch of wooden sticks for taste tests, in a table at the center of the venue where people can visit after they receive their plates.

Proper Sides

Your selection of barbecue ribs might be the star of the show, but proper barbecue-style sides can make your guests' plates into the envy of their social media channels. Talk to your caterer to choose a few side dishes that pair well with ribs. The sweet and spicy flavor of rib sauces often means that it's OK to choose sides that are a little on the blander side. Garlic mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, spinach, and other similar dishes can all work to complement the star of the show — the ribs.

For more information, contact a BBQ catering service.


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