4 Tips For Choosing A Breakfast Restaurant For A First Date

Posted on: 23 July 2021

First dates are all about good conversation and getting to know the other person. While nature will take its course and the conversation will flow organically, where you choose to meet can have a positive or negative impact. So, if your plans involve a breakfast date — you have made a good choice. To send your date over the top, learn some things to keep in mind as you search for a breakfast restaurant.

1. Extended Hours

If a breakfast date is the plan, it should likely be on a day you are both off from work. Not every person is alert or excited about getting up early on their day off. Look for a restaurant that has extended breakfast hours. Contrary to popular belief, many breakfast restaurants are open beyond the traditional early morning breakfast hours, such as from six in the morning until well into the afternoon. Extended hours mean you two can visit and enjoy breakfast on your schedule.

2. Varied Menu

For some people, breakfast must-haves include traditional options like pancakes and sausages. However, for other people, nothing says breakfast quite like breakfast burritos or a juicy steak. Since you might be unsure where your date falls on the scale, it is best to choose a restaurant with a vast menu. Fortunately, many restaurants allow you to view menus online. So, take this opportunity to research the menu beforehand.

3. Good Atmosphere

Again, the goal is to get to know your date, which often requires an opportunity for more intimate conversation. For this reason, at least for the first date, you might want to choose a quieter restaurant. A restaurant that plays softer music over one that plays louder music might be more ideal, for instance. Again, the internet is your friend. Many of these restaurants also have social media accounts that can help you get a feel for the atmosphere.

4. Reservation Options

If you only have a limited amount of time to spend on the date, consider choosing a breakfast restaurant that offers reservations. Particularly on the weekends, many restaurants allow you to call ahead or make a table reservation on your smartphone. With a reservation, you and your date can spend more of your time enjoying some great breakfast food instead of waiting outside for a table, which is a definite positive.

Keep all these tips in mind to enjoy good food, great company, and maybe even an opening for a second date.


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