4 Appetizers To Introduce You To Caribbean Food

Posted on: 12 October 2021

If you've never had authentic Caribbean food, then you may feel a little hesitant before ordering your first meal. Instead of diving straight in, take your time with your food options and try out some Caribbean appetizers. Appetizers are an ideal way to get a taste of the flavors and options presented in the foods.

Instead of ordering blindly, check out some of the Caribbean appetizers to consider the next time you visit a Caribbean restaurant.

1. Fried Plantains

One of the sweeter options at a Caribbean restaurant is fried plantain. A plantain is similar to a banana. The fruit is sliced thin, fried, and often includes a sugary topping to increase the sweetness. The fruit is an ideal way to start your meal and is cooked with crisp edges while maintaining a soft texture on the inside.

Fried plantains are often served on their own and are ideal for sharing with the table.

2. Jamaican Patties

A Jamaican patty is a staple on many Caribbean food menus. The stuffed flour pastry is typically filled with a ground meat mixture and is an ideal finger food to enjoy as an appetizer. A Jamaican patty will typically use beef for the center, but you can order many variations as well.

For example, you could order a seafood-based patty filled with ground shrimp. A vegetable-based patty includes seasoned and cooked vegetables. Newer menu items include vegan-based products that emulate the flavors and texture of meat.

3. Red Pea Soup

Soups are common on Caribbean restaurant menus, but one of the more authentic and popular options is red pea soup. Despite the name, there are no actual peas in the soup. The main ingredient is actually red kidney beans, which gives the soup its distinct red color. Many spices and vegetables are added to the soup to give it a rich flavor.

The soup is served hot with a mild spice and may come with bread on the side for dipping.

4. Jerk Chicken Wings

One of the more popular meat options at a Caribbean restaurant is jerk chicken. Before you order a main course of jerk chicken, get used to the flavors with an order of jerk chicken wings. The jerk sauce includes a lot of spice and really enhances the flavor of the chicken.

The sauce base typically consists of soy sauce with brown sugar and other added spices.

Order one or more of the appetizers the next time you order at a Caribbean restaurant.


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